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Derby KS, 10 minutes south of Wichita [entries|friends|calendar]
Derby, KS: 10 minutes south of Wichita.

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Let's Do The Time Warp Again! (RHPS again in Wichita) [18 Oct 2006|08:59am]


WHEN: October 28th, doors open 10:30pm, preshow Rocky Madness starts at 11:15pm, ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW STARTS AT MIDNIGHT!
WHERE: The Historical Orpheum Theatre, corner of First and Broadway
HOW MUCH: $12 a ticket, price includes your prop bag, PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN PROPS, THEY ARE PROVIDED FOR YOU!
WHY: We love to run around in fishnets! No, really, part of our proceeds go directly to restoring this lovely theatre.
WHO WE ARE: The Justice League of Denton, Wichita's RHPS Shadow Cast

FOR MORE INFORMATION: See our website, WWW.WichitaRocky.Org

(note from the webmonkey: Cross-Posted Everywhere, sorry, feel free to take it down if I've posted wrongly!)
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:O [22 Aug 2006|05:27pm]

I actually have legit reason to be in this community now!
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KABOOM! [04 Jul 2005|02:47am]

Come over to my house tomorrow for two out of the three of the following things:

Fireworks, food, and good times.

I will let you choose the two that you want.

If you don't know how to get to my house, get a hold of me and I will give you directions. Give me a call at 259-3426.

Everybody is invited.
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[30 May 2005|02:28am]

This community is dying a slow, painful death.

Derby Days is coming up.
You know what that means?
Squirrel cages, bitches.

I could ride that damn ride all day.
But that would be expensive, at $2 a ride.

Alright...someone post something?
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time to shop [16 May 2005|12:14am]

Just so you all know, cuz I know atleast one person will be interested, the derby city wide garage sale is coming up on June 8th I believe... so mark your calenders!
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[13 May 2005|07:05pm]


If you come to Dillons between 12 and 4 tomorrow, Me, Margaret Tran, and Rachel Vigil are having a bake sale to raise money so we can go to National History Day. There will be lots of cookies, puppy chow, lemonade, and whatever else we decide to make between now and then. Come help us out, people! We're the first team from Derby to make it to nationals in at least 12 years. It would be a shame if we couldn't go due to lack of funds...

Next weekend we are gonna have a car wash, so get your cars nice and dirty.
Come on guys, girls in bikinis. I'm gonna recruit my hottest friends to come help, so if nothing else, come look at hot girls while they wash your car for a good cause! How often do you get to do that??
I'll post the details about the car wash when we actually plan it out.

So yeah...Dillons, tomorrow, 12-4. Cookies, Lemonade, PUPPY CHOW!
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[12 May 2005|01:15am]


R.I.P. Peety the Pinguin.

And fuck you Zach for stealing him.
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ATTN [10 May 2005|10:44pm]

[ mood | bastardly ]

That is all.
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Attention, Attention: [10 May 2005|04:30pm]


It has come to my attention that a very startling development has occurred regarding Brandon Koop.

AP Newswire reports are indicating that Brandon Koop does in fact love the cock.

I mean it too...That motherfucker loves the cock like...well, like somebody who enjoys cock.

That is all, thank you.
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BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS [09 May 2005|11:15pm]

Alright kids, time for something fun.


Where would you hide out and what would you take with you, and what would you do to save your brain from getting munched on??
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Like whoa motherfucker [09 May 2005|12:11am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hmm...I haven't really posted too much in here. My bad. I actually forgot all about this community for a few days. Oops.

Umm...Derby Days is coming up.

I want to get together a group of people to chill with there, since I'm not so much for social situations, so I haven't been out with a real group of people in a pretty good while. And I'm totally not going to work that weekend or however long it is because its going to be really fucking busy at Applebees, and that doesn't make me happy.

I dunno. post your thoughts, or why you think Zach should be tarred and thrown in a ball pit.

Night kids.

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[02 May 2005|08:17pm]

[ mood | sad ]

So Muse defnitely came to Kansas and I defnitely couldn't go.

And Razorlight opened.
You know what I was doing while the concert was going on?

Listening to Muse while downloading the Razorlight album.

If they come anywhere under 6 hours away this summer, I AM GOING!

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[30 Apr 2005|11:03pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey, Derby kids.

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ATTN [05 Apr 2005|08:48pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Alright, I was going to post in here and warn all of you not to go to the Applebees in Derby on Rock Rd on Saturday, April 9th because its Derby High School's prom. Why does this matter to me? Because I work there as a host and I don't feel like putting up with people's shit.

However, I pulled some strings and somehow managed to get this Saturday off without even requesting it off, so feel free to bumrush the place. I don't care. I won't be there so its none of my concern ^_^

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Onoez Texas kid! [05 Apr 2005|07:23pm]

I'm so totally joining this community because I know enough of you and your goings on in life to be living there. :P

So deal! >O!
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Democracy kicks ass! [05 Apr 2005|03:49am]

Hi everybody...I assume that most of you know me, and I probably know most of you. But this is your friendly idealistic liberal coming to you today to remind you about our democratic rights...

Today is April 5th, and I want to be sure that any of those people reading this journal are aware that on this day all registered voters within the state of Kansas can vote on a multitude of different issues, such as city council, school board, and various popular referendums. YAY!

However, the most important issue on the ballot today is the issue of a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. I am not going to ram my viewpoint down your throats for once...I just want to remind and urge any eligible voters in the viewing audience to go out and vote. This is very important election, and it is imperative that as many voices are heard, especially the ones of young voters as this election will have a lasting effect on the lives of many of our friends and loved ones. So I urge you to vote in this election tomorrow. Bring your drivers license or any other type of photo ID, and your voter registration card and get in line. Choose who will run your city, your schools...and for some of you perhaps, who you love.

Thank you, and God bless you, and God bless America!
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[04 Apr 2005|08:45pm]

This is just going to end up being like reading all of your journals anyway, isn't it?

Probably, but that's ok. MUAH!
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[04 Apr 2005|07:51pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I'm in on this loser.


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[04 Apr 2005|01:14pm]

Word bitches.

B-Dawg and Funkmasta Z up in the hizzouse!
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[04 Apr 2005|10:46am]

[ mood | tired ]


Just making sure this business works. Looks like it does. good.

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